Junar Central Cooperative Union Limited JCC is central level profit making Cooperative Union of Nepal . Sindhuli Junar Development Association, was established in 1995 with financial aid of Nepal government and JICA. In 2009 this organization upgraded as a national level cooperative union and named “Junar central cooperative union Ltd” . JCC registered at the Department of Cooperatives in the government of Nepal in 2009. JCC affiliated with National cooperative federation, National cooperative Bank and National cooperative alliance Nepal. JCC is the umbrella organization of Junar (citrus) farmers cooperatives of Nepal include 49 primary cooperative, 2 no of district cooperative union and 7900 Household farmers directly. However, its objectives, values and efforts in poverty alleviation have been in effect in different forms and levels for over 21 years through the commercialize Junar (citrus species) farming and to expand its market and network by uniting farmers as a cooperative organization in Nepal.