Sahakari Info or Co-operative Directory is an online list or catalog of various co-operatives working all over Nepal. This is one and only complete co-operative directory of Nepal which provides each and every information like list of primary co-operatives according to their nature, District Co-operative Unions, National Co-operative Federation and National Co-operative Bank. Major Categories of co-operatives working in Nepal are Saving and Credit Co-operatives, Multipurpose Co-operatives , Small Farmers Co-operatives , Agriculture Co-operatives , Dairy Co-operatives, Fruits and Vegetable Co-operatives, Bee Keeping CoCo-operatives, Tea
Co-operatives, Coffee CCo-operatives, Consumers Co-operatives , Energy
Co-operatives and Communication Co-operatives . You can also find Policy documents on co-operative of Nepal, training manuals, publications from Department of Co-operatives, Co-operative statistics, Co-operative laws, by-laws and directives.

The main purpose of this site is to provide information on various co-operatives of Nepal within a single domain. Following are some purposes of sahakari info (

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